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We’re in an era of unprecedented technological growth. From blockchain disrupting the fintech industry to Facebook morphing into Metaverse, we’re finding bigger, better, and faster ways to operate in our society. HyperWrite, which leverages the power of natural language processing, a type of artificial intelligence, is looking to level up the entire writing industry.

Let’s start with the basics. HyperWrite is an online interface that uses natural language processing (NLP) to enhance your writing. NLP models are a form of artificial intelligence that aims to give computers the ability to understand and write text in the same way humans can. 

Due to the novelty of natural language processing, when applied at a large-scale, such as generating full sentences or paragraphs, NLP usage can seem like plagiarism.

We like to approach this complex situation by comparing HyperWrite to calculators. When calculators were first developed, they appeared to give some an unfair advantage and many were worried they would replace critical thinking skills. Once calculators became widely available and understood, they were heavily integrated into the classroom after students attained a foundational mathematical education. Now, calculators are used to enhance students’ ability to work faster and more effectively. 

HyperWrite aims to be the calculator of writing. We want to enhance writing abilities, not replace them. 

At HyperWrite, we acknowledge that at this stage of our interface, our users can choose to use our tools for cheating. Many other platforms that utilize natural language processing are facing similar challenges. We are actively refining our platform to be used as an educational amplifier, rather than a replacement. For example, we’ve recently added a plagiarism checker and have regulated how much text users can generate at once to optimize the accuracy of the model and balance personally written content with generated content. Utilizing the power of natural language processing, we are continuously adding new tools to help you level up your learning. 

We aren’t done iterating and innovating. We’ve had users leverage HyperWrite to write poetry, fiction, essays, and research papers. The most exciting part of our work is seeing how our users take full advantage of the tools we provide them with. 

Part of being an innovative company is to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible. When HyperWrite was first launched, it was met with mixed reactions. Some praised the platform for its unique approach, others were concerned it would cause users to lose writing skills. 

Today, we are excited to see HyperWrite used as an educational amplifier, a tool that can be used alongside traditional writing methods to expand horizons and gain new perspectives, helping our users grow both personally and professionally. We are excited to see what the next chapter brings!

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