Being a well-paid writer no longer means just writing print or journalistic content. Thanks to the age we live in, the writing industry now spans across a ton of formats. In fact, in online content alone, there are 10+ content types. BlogsEbooksWeb pagesWhitepapersLanding pagesSales copyHeadlines and taglinesEmailVideo transcriptsVideo summaries …and more! The amount of content...
Writers: spending more than 15 minutes staring at that blank document? Stuck in the vortex of continually being unable to produce awesome content? Suffering from burnout or brain fog? Our guide on how to write better is for you. Inside, learn practical, helpful tips on how to write better from leading pros in the online...
Artificial intelligence is changing the world. No, robot servants haven’t become a household staple (yet). But AI is helping everyday people in ways you might not expect. From Netflix recommending your next series, to Google Maps analyzing traffic and construction detours to find your best route, to your banking app translating the handwriting on your...
It can take days to come up with the perfect angle for that blog post. And then after that comes all the hard work. From brainstorming to researching, editing and formatting, there’s no way to get around the mountain of work required to produce one piece of content. But what if I told you that...
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