10 Fun AI Writing Prompt Story Ideas

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AI writing prompts are a wonderful way to get your creative juices flowing.

Even better, they can be used to generate ideas for topics or plot twists, lyrics for songs, and even entire stories.

However, the problem most creatives run into with writing prompts is that they can be stale and repetitive.

The good news? Thanks to AI technology, you can take those boring writing prompts up a notch and have quite a bit of fun letting your imagination run wild.

ai writing prompt

Different Types of AI Writing Prompts for Every Creator

If you’re one of the nearly 45,000 writers/authors in the U.S. (and countless more around the globe!), you’ve likely had your fair share of writer’s block and turned to the internet for a writing prompt to help you get things churning again.

When you enter the search phrase “writing prompts” into the Google search bar, you’ll see a slew of results that all ask you to “write about” something.

writing prompts

Source: CanTeach

While these are fine places to begin if you’re stuck for words, they don’t give you much to work with.

The problem with writing prompts is that they’re often too general to be effective.

This means they’re too broad to give you any meaningful ideas and too narrow to inspire. They don’t cater to any specific type of writing.

You’re not going to get an article-length piece of writing from a prompt like “Write about the most interesting thing you saw today.”

That’s why it’s essential to realize there are various types of writing prompts you can use to compose your next novel, poem, or article. Some examples include:

  • Descriptive Writing Prompts: Descriptive writing prompts are great for writing a character’s or setting’s description. These are often short pieces of writing that encourage you to use adjectives and adverbs to get creative.
  • Creative Writing Prompts: Creative writing prompts are great for writing how a character would react to a situation. These are often “what if” prompts and challenge you to think outside the box to develop an original idea/concept.
  • Narrative Prompts: Narrative writing prompts are great for writing character-driven stories, which are often short pieces of writing that encourage you to use dialogue to get creative.
  • Informative Prompts: Informative writing prompts are great for writing an article, usually longer in nature and often written in a journalistic style.
  • Persuasive Prompts: Persuasive writing prompts are great for writing an argument and persuading someone of your point of view. They can be used as a way to write an argumentative essay or as a way to write a persuasive email.
  • Lyrical Prompts: Lyrical prompts are great for writing poetry, which often needs to tell a visual story. These prompts are also useful if you write music lyrics that must tell a story in a unique manner.

10 Example AI Writing Prompts You Can Try for Yourself!

AI writing prompts are a tool for writers to tap into the power of AI and machine learning to improve their writing.

Not sure how to pair the two? Join us as we experiment with 10 different AI writing prompts and the HyperWrite software!

1. Story Prompt Idea: “The subway is always late.”

“The subway is always late. It always starts at its stop. After a particularly bad morning, you wake up and realize your world is actually a series of tunnels that run underneath the city.”

After entering the prompt information above into the HyperWrite input form, we began typing in a few lines of text to get the narrative going. We then used the “suggest” button to see what our AI program would generate, and here’s what we got:

ai story prompt idea

2. Poem Prompt Idea: “You’ve got my word”

Since this poem prompt doesn’t have much meat to it, we will have to jumpstart the AI process by feeding it a little more than the prompt title.

poem prompt idea input

With a little bit of guidance and a few line edits along the way, here’s our final piece:

ai poem prompt - final product

Not too shabby for someone who hasn’t written a love poem in quite some time! 😅

Of course, I could further fine-tune the poem by feeding it even more information or by taking a little extra time to fine-tune it on a line-by-line basis.

Remember, the key to AI writing prompts isn’t to let the AI tool do all the writing for you!

Let it help jumpstart your piece or give you a few suggestions along the way, and then let your creative genius shine!

3. Song Lyric Prompt Idea: “I Can’t Believe”

Now, I’m no lyrical genius – so this was a bit of a challenge!

Using the HyperWrite input form, I entered the prompt information above to get the AI to generate a song lyric for me.

ai song lyric prompt

I took a stab at writing something that sounded like a song lyric on the first line and then let the AI generator take the reins.

It’s by no means a chart-topper… But it does convey the emotions I asked of the AI generator when I told it that the lyrics needed to be about someone experiencing heartbreak.

4. Long-Form Article Prompt Idea: “Will Crypto Ever Rule the World?”

If you’re not a creative writer, but more of a blogger or journalistic writer, then sometimes battling writer’s block requires using an AI writing prompt that is more technical in nature.

That’s why I decided to give this topic a try. Of course, I gave Athena (the HyperWrite generator) a bit of background research to work with, along with a basic outline on how we wanted the blog formatted, and this is what I started coming up with:

ai long-form article prompt

5. Social Media Prompt Idea: “SEO Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters”

This was a fun little experiment. Athena loves to write just as much as I do, so it was rather tricky getting it to limit the output to 140 characters!

I started the post out by saying “SEO = Search Engine Optimization” and then let Athena take it from there. Here’s what I got:

ai social media prompt

Total characters: 121!

Not too shabby, Athena!

However, it’s not the most engaging social media post either. It would definitely need a bit of tweaking on our end before sharing it on our Twitter feeds.

6. Email Prompt Idea: “The uncomfortable truth about Migraines”

So far, I’ve generated some neat results for articles, poetry, songs, and a bit of fiction writing, and it got me thinking… Could I put Athena to work writing something like a cold email?

So, I opened up a new HyperWrite document and told Athena that I wanted to write a cold email to patients of a doctor’s office – specifically targeting patients who suffer from migraines. The email needs to come from a migraine specialist looking for patients who want to take part in a new migraine study. I started the document by entering in the subject line:

Email Subject: The uncomfortable truth about Migraines

ai email prompt idea

Since I didn’t have a whole lot of information to feed into the input-form, Athena didn’t quite understand where I wanted to go with the email. That meant I had to manually enter an entire section before it would continue generating ideas for the rest of the email.

7. Lifestyle Blog Post Prompt Idea: “Best Dog Toys for Separation Anxiety”

When you’re a busy blogger, it can sometimes be challenging to develop topics and get them written quietly and efficiently. So, instead of coming up with our own AI writing prompt for this example, I actually asked Athena to generate a list of blog topics based on the keyword “best dog toys,” which gave us this topic: “Best Dog Toys for Separation Anxiety.”

After I fed the input-form a little bit of information, HyperWrite helped us churn out the following:

ai lifestyle blog post prompt

8. Movie/TV Plot Prompt: “A young woman goes undercover to track down her brother to save his family from the clutches of a corrupt political official.”

So, while this initial prompt was more of a “plot summary” idea initially, I wanted to really put HyperWrite to the test and see if, with a little guidance, of course, I could generate some dialog that could potentially be used in a script.

ai movie/tv plot prompt

The software did try… I’ll give it that. However, it did understand that I wanted dialogue, and I’m sure if I had provided it a little more guidance, it could have generated something really good!

9. Self-Discovery Prompt Idea: “I am”

Of course, we couldn’t have a post dedicated to writing prompts without a classic journaling example. However, instead of the basic “write about” prompts, I decided to go with a “self-discovery prompt.” That means, while I have a prompt to get us started, I still had to put a bit more work into the creation of the piece to ensure the end result reflected me as a person.

Here’s the final result!

ai self-discovery prompt idea

10. Non-Fiction Prompt Idea: “How to Write a Winning Cover Letter”

The final AI writing prompt I decided to give a try was a good old fashion “how-to” guide.

I enjoy these types of prompts as a blogger because it forces me to think about my writing differently. Instead of writing a piece of content in my wheelhouse, I pick something totally different to try and get my brain really working.

Using it as an AI writing prompt helped me not only rethink my standard outlining practices, but had me researching something I hadn’t thought about in quite some time.

Here’s what HyperWrite helped me generate:

ai non-fiction prompt idea

Let HyperWrite Help Your Creative Side Shine!

AI writing prompts are a great way for writers to tap into the power of AI and machine learning. They help build your writing skills and hone your research and creative genius.

Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, fiction writer, or even a poet, AI writing prompts can help you write your next amazing piece of content!

Ready to see what magic you can create? Then sign up for your free trial of HyperWrite today!

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