Use an AI Writing App to Create Better Content: 5 Tips

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I want you to perform a small exercise.

Without using your phone, solve this equation: 15-1(12÷4+1).

If you’re struggling to come up with an answer, don’t worry. This equation went viral because it stumped dozens of readers.

Now, try to solve the equation with the help of a calculator.

The answer is 11.

Wasn’t the equation so much easier to figure out with a little bit of help? If only there were a tech assistant for writing. That way, you could input a few pieces of information and get a fast and accurate result.

Guess what, you can when you use an AI writing app!

Using an AI-powered writing assistant makes writing so much easier. By following a few tips, you can watch your content go from good to best.

ai writing app

Why Better Content Isn’t Enough (You Want BEST)

The prefix “hyper” means over, beyond, and above.

That is just what we want for your writing. We don’t want you to settle for good writing or even better writing. We want you to create content that is over, beyond, and above anything else online.

Why is it essential to have hyper-content? Quality content makes you a leader in your industry through:

  • Attracting more viewers
  • Ranking better in Google
  • Building trust with clients
  • Standing out among your competition

Your online competition is fierce.

There are over 56.5 BILLION web pages indexed in Google. That means your content needs better quality and a better match than billions of other possible search results.

Before you get discouraged, you should also know there are over 63,000 Google searches performed every second. So, with the right keyword, catchy headline, and quality content, you have a strong chance of ranking in someone’s search today.

And you don’t have to guess how to create content that stands out. With the help of the best writing assistant software, you too can start gaining more readers.

Here are five tips for using AI to take your content from better to best.

1. Brainstorm Unique Topic Ideas

Your topic is more than a few words chosen at random. It should be a question or theme that people regularly search. If you want to create better content, start with selecting strategic topics.

Unfortunately, over 90% of pages don’t ever get any traffic from Google. So, if you want to create content that beats that statistic, then switch out ordinary topics for great topics that land you in the 10% receiving traffic.

Content creators often use Google to find topic ideas. Search for your website’s theme and record questions Google suggests. These are popular topics that people are interested in reading.

Here is an example of Google’s suggestions for the theme of coffee, using the starting phrase “how to.”

google search - coffee how to

Now I used the same prompt of coffee with the starting phrase of “How to” in our AI writing software, HyperWrite. Here are the first three generated ideas.

auto-generate content ideas with keyword

In just one set of sentence generations, I already have a topic Google didn’t suggest – how to enjoy coffee.

So, what are people on the internet saying about enjoying coffee? A quick Google search of HyperWrite’s topic suggestion gives nine additional unique topics.

google how to enjoy coffee

2. Create Comprehensive Outlines

A solid and comprehensive outline is foundational for writing that WOWs. Construction workers wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, so why would you write without an outline?

Without an outline, you will get writer’s block easier, stray from the topic, and lose focus. Outlines help you manage your time, know what to research, and have writing prompts when you don’t know what to say next.

If outlines guide your writing, what guides your outline? Allow your AI free writing assistant app to suggest ideas to get you started.

Here’s an example of our writing app in action creating an outline for the topic “How to Enjoy Coffee without Sugar” using the sentence generation feature.

ai writing tool creating outline from topic

After beginning the outline with the topic, I wrote the appropriate number of points, and HyperWrite generated ideas for each number.

In the end, the five points of our outline are:

  1. Make the coffee a little stronger
  2. Add a bit of cream or milk
  3. Add a bit of honey
  4. Add an extract (like vanilla)
  5. Add your favorite spice (like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cocoa)

3. Craft Killer Headlines

The key to outstanding writing is your headlines.

A headline serves two purposes. The first is to attract readers – because outstanding copy deserves to be read. Yet only 2 out of 10 people read past the headline of a post. On the other hand, an astounding 80% will read headlines.

The second purpose of your headline is to influence how your reader engages with your piece. For example, if you’re writing an article on how to enjoy coffee, your headline could read “How to enjoy sugar-free coffee” or “How to make sugar-free coffee less repulsive.” The first headline would give readers a much different attitude entering the article than those who read the second headline.

Here are a few tips for crafting killer headlines.

  • Be specific
  • Make it urgent
  • Provide useful information
  • Use engaging language
  • Address a specific audience

You can also follow the structure of headlines from popular articles. Here are a few very successful headline formulas.

  • “How To” Headlines
  • List Headlines
  • “Best of” Headlines
  • Promised result headlines

4. Use These Strategies Alongside AI Writing

By using these simple headline strategies, your content will stand out among your competition. And AI has your back with features that work well for crafting killer headlines.

First, use HyperWrite’s sentence generator to create ideas based on your content’s theme. For this example, our theme is “How to Enjoy Coffee without Sugar.”

Second, once you have several different versions of the topic, use the edit feature to play around with wording. You can expand the title, shorten it, make it casual, or use formal language with HyperWrite’s edit feature.

hyperwrite's edit feature

Using the final headline ideas provided by AI, choose one of the catchiest headlines and implement the strategies discussed above.

From HyperWrite’s suggestions, I chose “The Many Ways to Drink Coffee without Sugar.” Then, using the promised result and list headline structures, I reworked HyperWrite’s suggestion into the final headline: “5 Healthy Ways to Drink Coffee without Sugar to Lose Weight.”

Generate a Rough First Draft

With a strong outline and catchy title ready, you can dive into the body of your writing. Thankfully, you have an outline to guide you. But filling in blank space is still no easy task. But don’t worry – AI writing is still by your side even through these steps of creating amazing content.

HyperWrite’s description feature and sentence generation will help you write that first draft.

First, insert your copy’s outline into the HyperWrite document description. Now you are ready to start typing.

hyperwrite document description

You could generate your full copy using the ThinkAhead and sentence generation features. But, it would lack that human touch.

Just as with the other tips, AI writing works with you to create content. As a human author, you infuse your content with greater depth of emotion, personal stories, and meaning. These are aspects of writing AI writing can’t copy, even if it does sound almost human.

So, instead, start writing the article and use the sentence generation feature to help you overcome writer’s block, generate new thoughts, and inspire you. What you are creating is a rough draft, so don’t expect it to be flawless. That comes later. Just focus on getting words and ideas on the paper.

5. Edit with Ease

Editing is the crucial last step for good writing. One study on Linkedin found a correlation between promotions and the number of grammar mistakes present on a person’s Linkedin profile. The better a person writes the more successful they are, according to that study.

HyperWrite offers a rewrite feature, which we used earlier to craft killer headlines. This rewrite feature also helps you edit your copy for overall flow. For example, if a sentence doesn’t sound just right, ask your AI writing assistant to offer alternative suggestions.

hyperwrite's rewrite feature

While AI writing assistants online help in many ways, they aren’t without their limitations. Always double-check anything written by AI for factual, grammatical, or any other errors. Grammarly also works on our HyperWrite platform as another pair of AI eyes.

Why AI Writing Is the Future

Do you want to know the best part of all these tips? AI writing did these writing steps in a fraction of the time it takes you to do them independently.

That’s right – you can research and write headlines, outlines, and rough drafts in minutes instead of hours! This gives you more time to focus on smoothing out your copy and giving it that extra touch – making it stand out online.

AI writing generators are just in their infancy. They will continue to grow and become faster, more accurate, and more reliable. Are you ready to incorporate the best AI writing software in your content creation and join the future of online writing?

Then it’s time to start writing using HyperWrite’s free AI writing assistant and create better content today.

ai writing app

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